The Challenge

I’ve decided to accept a challenge from one of my favorite new authors, Sarah Mae. The Unwired Mom Challenge starts TODAY. Thankfully, this isn’t a complete media fast (this mama is not ready for THAT yet), but it is a way to break the bad habits and patterns that can be associated with our “wired” world (and lets just be honest, addictions). I’ve seriously considered giving up my iphone in the recent months. Its just so accessible to check email, facebook, zone out of life as a stay at home mom for just a few minutes. And as much as I try to gain control, my will never lasts more than a few days. Thankfully,  I’m headed in the right direction… most days. How many of us get online for “Just 5 minutes” to check something, and end up being there an hour. There are nights I lose a good hour or so of sleep because I’m checking “something” on my phone. I’ve already cleared out all of the games (candy crush, words with friends, etc). I’m giving myself a few more months to learn self control when it comes to media– or the sweet, pink-cased phone will have to go. I can’t be present in my life with my 3 absolutely precious children all day every day with such easy access in my pocket.

Here’s to not missing the “little moments” throughout the day with my little ones.  It’s time to be fully present, at all times. Its time to stop wasting precious minutes of my day, checking to see what everyone else is doing (especially when that means I’m not spending that time “checking in” with my heavenly Father). 

Does this resonate with you? I would love for you to join me these next two weeks! You can check out all of the details at: 

And if a full on media fast sounds good to you, check out what Traci has to say here.

Leave me a comment and let me know WHAT your thinking when it comes to being “unwired” and a “hands free mama”!


4 thoughts on “The Challenge

    • Ashley, thanks for stopping by! I greatly enjoyed reading your post as well! 🙂 I’m so thankful for such a rich online group to be on this challenge with! Blessings on YOUR journey as well! 🙂 (and I LOVE your blog!)

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