Lessons in Grace



Peace. It’s the word God put before me multiple times on Monday. In my Jesus Always devotional, she spoke about how often we forget that our peace comes from God. In all our striving, we easily lose our peace.

Our day was anything but peaceful. The realness of deployment is setting in. Add a feverish, fussy toddler and you can imagine the battle I faced for peace. My sweet mama came late that evening to let me exercise, stop at Publix, and just have a minute to myself. Lifting heavy is usually my go to, but Great Are You Lord (All Sons and Daughters) came on my headphones and it felt like a night for yoga and a relaxing walk. As Unitied Persuit’s song Running in Circles came on,  I found myself  identifying with the lyrics:

“Lord I come.. to tell you I’m sorry, for running in circles,

for placing my focus on the waves and not on your face….

You’re the only one who brings me peace”

That described my day. I had moments of peace, and moments of just dealing with the day. Minutes later, mom called to tell me something was wrong with one of our girls. 20 minutes later, we were on our way to the Peds ER. God had JUST prepared me before I even knew my need.



Promises that never run dry.

He gives us the exact amount we need each day…

not too much… not to little…

just like the manna in the desert.

I earnestly prayed for his protection of my daughter, and for the medical staff we would encounter. We waited less than a minute once through the door, and everyone who cared for us either had a cross tattoo or necklace. Jesus came through in their kindness and attentiveness. A friend (who might as well be my sister) came to hang out with us and help lighten the mood.  All is well, and she’s on the mend. Yet, the reminder that He always goes before us and carries us along the way is embedded once again in my mind and heart. While I can’t let myself think of the length we have to go before daddy is home, I have grace for TODAY.  To THRIVE in this season, remembering we are held steadfast in His hands. I’m sure I’ll need more reminders, and we will have our share of rough days, but I rest in the fact that God holds us close. His promises prove true every single time.

May the Lord direct your hearts to the lvoe of God and to the steadfastness of Christ.2 Thessalonians 3_5