Ephesians and an Old Journal

I found an older journal the other day I have not used since early 2012. I found a prayer that I wrote in response to Ephesians 1:6-11. It blessed me so much to read it, and I hope it will bless you too! This was during a hard struggle with food for me. I am going to leave a blank where I had written food because this could be true of anything we have not given complete control to God about.

Lord, thank you for choosing me and allowing me to belong to Your dear Son. Your word tells me that because You are so rich in glorious grace and loving kindness that You purchased my freedom with the blood of Jesus and forgave my sin! You purchased my freedom yet there are areas i am finally learning to hand over the chains of my enslavement to my sin. 

Lord I want to walk in that freedom and  remember it cost something – SOMEONE! Lead me in your righteousness Lord. 

Please bring brokenness over my rebellious heart. Create in me a clean heart O God,  and renew a right spirit within me! Forgive me for turning to ____ instead of You! You are faithful and true O Lord!

I want to live in ALL areas of my life as a Jesus girl! Let me live my days seeking refuge in you! Please give me your supernatural strength in my battle with _____. 

I AM a daughter of the King! 

I don’t struggle with food the way I used to. Yes, there are still moments or days, but it doesn’t consume me. Yet as I read these words this morning, I still see a rebellious heart in places that should be His. We will never be perfect while we walk on dirt. BUT God does call us to surrender our flesh in response to HIs grace and mercy. Live intentionally, seeking after Him!

Before we go, here is a new edition of Just As I Am that we sang at Impact! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Be blessed by all He has done sweet friends!


2 thoughts on “Ephesians and an Old Journal

  1. I sent that video to Lincoln the other day after hearing y’all singing it (I was watching it online). I am hoping we will be singing it at The Spring soon!

  2. Beautiful, daughter. Keep on growing! That’s what matters….that we are moving more and more into the image of His Son by His power and grace! I love you and am so thankful for you and your precious family!

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